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Into the Dark: Gen, R

Title: Into the Dark
Characters/Pairings:  Sam, mentions of Dean.  No pairings, but of course in my mind they're together. 
Rating: R for mature themes of suicide, non graphic character death
Spoilers: Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things, Season 2 in general.
Warnings:  Non-graphic character suicide, dark themes
Summary:  Sam's afraid of turning darkside.  But now he knows what he has to do. 
AN:  I wrote this several months ago during my depression.  This ficlet is a little over 100 words.

Somewhere between Chicago and Atlanta, Sam realizes what he has to do.

It’s a struggle to hide it from Dean as he plans where, when, and how to solve this problem once and for all.  He knows that his brother would try to stop him.  He knows that Dean wouldn’t be able to.  It’s easier this way.

See, for Sam’s whole life, he’s only had to ask his brother for something and it’s been there on a silver platter.  Dean’s an awesome older brother, and would do anything for his little brother.

Almost anything.

As Sam loads the gun with a single bullet and points it at his head, he knows that this is the only thing Dean won’t do for Sam.

This, Sam has to do himself.


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